The corona crisis is a good learning field

The corona crisis is a good learning field
At this time, we won’t make any predictions about the corona crisis. It represents a complex, if not chaotic system and is therefore not predictable in the long term. Anyone making long-term predictions now is not serious.
The current crisis is also a very impressive example of change processes and leadership. We would like to invite you to put many convictions that have been established over decades to the test.
To do so, we focus on three areas that strongly influence the way companies deal with change.
                1. leadership habits
                2. self-driven learning
                3. believes about human beings

What we can already learn in the Corona crisis:
Leadership habits
Home Office cannot work
Now that working from home simply has to happen - it suddenly works, and any anxiety turn out to be exaggerated. A quote from one of our customers: ‘Everyone is working from home now and we have never been more efficient.’ Of course, this is only an isolated incident, and after the crisis it will be very difficult to reject home office in general.
Regular meetings are an indispensable management tool
And suddenly many things are possible without hours of meetings.  In many companies, work moves on, albeit with restrictions. Employees either have short briefings or find the necessary tasks themselves. And overall, this seems to work. It raises the question of how necessary it was before that managers spent up to 50% of their time in meetings. If the crisis loosens up, two questions are very useful:
• Which meetings have we not missed at all?
• What did we successfully do for coordinating our work instead of meetings?
Self-driven learning
There are employees who simply cannot keep up with digitization.
That's why we can't do online conferences. For years we have observed that companies have purchased expensive online equipment, but not used it or was used only by a few. But what is very exciting: suddenly almost everybody can use Skype or Zoom, and without intensive training. Even online opponents have acquired digital skills in a short time. It makes one thing clear: learning has nothing to do with age or mental capacity, but with meaningfulness. When habits are visibly disturbed and change is needed, every brain switches to learning.
Self-driven learning is a beautiful utopia
What happened once schools were closed before graduation? Students joined in study groups and put excellent tutorials and YouTube videos online and worked on content independently. Teachers hadn’t succeeded doing this for years.
Believes about human beings
The believes we have about other people were formed in the first 20 years of life and get mutually confirmed in conversations with others. The believes about human beings by capitalism states that people are selfish and oriented towards maximizing profit. What a person believes about human beings, strongly determines leadership behavior.
By nature people are lazy
Currently, one can no longer watch and control people at work, however, work is being done. This is true at least for most people.
By nature people are selfish
There are many examples of this. In my neighborhood, the lanterns are paved with offers from people who offer to do the shopping for fellow citizens who belong to a risk group. People organize neighborhood help or sew breathing masks. It corresponds well to our knowledge of neuroscience. The strongest motivation people have is to help others.
Communication to people must be carefully filtered
The entire political world confirms our Chancellor's excellent crisis communication: direct, transparent and personal/emotional. Added to this is the calm transparency of the Robert Koch Institute, among other things. And the result: the vast majority of the population in Germany is behaving very sensibly. Police statistics clearly show that only a small minority disregards the established rules and guidelines. The often-heard argument: "We can't tell people this or that, they can't handle that" should simply not be accepted in the future.