We, too, aren’t perfect and therefore not immune to work on our business sometimes faling prey to work in the business. After a couple of very intense months and shortly before the summer break, we emerge to the surface with a breath of fresh air: new cocnepts and offers.

Three Times a Charm: Enlightening Concepts

In recent articles, we wrote about conflicts in team building, the value loupe and omertà; about the patterns of inefficiency In-Line Engine and Meeting Paralysis; about watercooler heroes, minimalistic reporting and alignment through EBIT.

We were able to resolve these issues in a number of client projects. Over the past few months, however, it has become evident to us that many of these matters can be traced back to three fundamental structures to which we will increasingly focus on:

  1. Responsibility & Accountability: Responsibility means that I do what I promised to do. Accountability means supporting others to be respnsible. The mind shift from “them” to “us” is easy in theory; in day-to-day business, however, habits, fears and illusions stand in the way. In change projects, we implemented steps in to tackle these problems and create a sense of genuine community.
  2. Complacency: After many years of theoretical groundwork, more and more companies prove that self-organization works in both small and large context. We implement concrete approaches, to realize self-organization in our clients’ teams and business units.
  3. Self-Organization: Nach vielen Jahren der Theorie beweisen immer mehr Unternehmen, dass selbstorganisierte Arbeit im Kleinen wie im Großen funktioniert. Wir setzen konkrete Ansätze um, die Selbstorganisation als wertvolle Ergänzung zu gutem Management verwirklichen.

We continue to support our customers with the Birds of a Feather concept to achieve significant change efforts using their own resources. The three concepts briefly described above enable us to achieve this in an even simpler, more straight-forward and sustainable way.

Turning the Ship Around: All Hands on Deck!

David Marquet was given the task of taking over the command of a nuclear submarine that ranked last on the internal Navy leaderboard. In this 9:47 video, he describes how he turned the ship around by creating a true leadership team.

You do not have to be a Navy officer to turn your ship’s course by 180 degrees. In August, we will discuss details of our new CHANGE1 offer and insight into accountability, complacency and self-organization.

Until then, we wish you a great summer!