This is the first article and at the same time the start of our book. We are writing the book online (in the spirit of writing out loud :-) )

Currently, we are seeing 6 trends and insights that make the world a better place:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge worker

  • AI enables the takeover of standard tasks – more and more
  • Work is developing more and more towards knowledge work – creativity, innovation, a positive state at work are required.

2. Neuroscience (especially social neuroscience)

  • Our brain is made for relationships – therefore we have to support people, teams, organizations in this respect, or organizations should be aligned to it.
  • Social connections make us healthier and increase life expectancy
  • Social neurosciences show that fear and formal hierarchy reduce creativity and innovation. From the point of view of the brain, it makes sense to reduce or abolish formal hierarchies. The design must go towards shared values, high stability.
  • We have to build relationships! The purpose of the company is the employees (see also next point: Changing values).

3. Change in values

  • More and more people seek meaning in life (and thus in work) and the meaning lies in the cooperation with others, in the community.
  • The separation between work and life dissolves into a positive one - meaning is the answer
  • More and more people want responsibility - as an adult who takes responsibility for himself and others.

4. Agility (in the sense of decision speed, not the buzzword)

  • Companies need super-fast decisions, where the customer is AND where the information is.
  • This requires transparency and access to information (including through technology).
  • This requires other models of cooperation (see also next point: New forms of organization and cooperation).
  • Requires different guidance

5. New forms of organization and cooperation - New Work

  • Different leadership concepts such as Servant Leadership are implemented.
  • Restraint from formal hierarchy is established as a form of cooperation
  • Self-organization is lived
  • Concepts such as sociocracy and holacracy are implemented

6. Digitization

  • Digitization makes the implementation of new forms of collaboration and organization possible for the first time
  • Digitalization creates space for accountability, meaning, relationship, and other forms of collaboration.

Learning together: We have to learn that together. There are no ready-made solutions. There are companies that are further along in the journey, there are companies that do smart, small steps.

In the next articles we will look at the topics in more detail and enrich them with examples from companies. Any kind of feedback and contributions are welcome. It’s a learning trip for all of us.