With our neuroscientific and psychological knowledge and our experience we accompany and inspire companies, teams, managers and employees and jointly develop and design productive, creative and vibrant, lively companies, teams and people.

Our vision is to create vibrant, lively organizations, teams and people. They are fearless, connected with positive emotions, value relationships and have a purpose.


We support your company by working with every management level, enabling you to realise successful change processes from within by utilizing your own strengths. After having completed and analyzed many change projects, we have identified the factors and conditions necessary to implement lasting change, and we will work with you to create these conditions in your company.


Managers need to deal with new situations on a daily basis: Their main challenge, however, is not to learn new knowledge but to learn that what they don’t know they don’t know. Teacher-centered teaching is known to be ineffective to solve this challenge, as the brain needs to create new mental differentiations to learn and apply new skills. And these can only be created through curiosity-driven communication with others.

We enable real learning in your organization, for example by establishing self-directed learning networks. This allows managers of different functions - and thus teams, areas and organizations - to really learn and apply new knowledge. Your company actively strengthens their competitive advantage and reduces costs by avoiding ineffective training measures.

Leadership Alignment

By choosing alstracon, you are building a solid basis for good leadership. We support you in identifying the fundamentally important skills required at every management level and conveying them to your management team. Once this basis for effective leadership is established, the need for specific management and leadership skills increases. With our innovative approaches we inspire your experienced managers to refine their skill set in coaching and group learning processes.

Human Resources

We assist you in operationalising your HR strategy, making it visible in a pragmatic way. We help your HR executives to align their strategy with the company strategy and factor in internal and external trends. As HR consultants with many years of operational experience, we work with your existing teams to generate measurable results in talent management, succession management, high-potential identification and development.

References for Change, HR and Leadership:

ChangeOver the years alstracon has assisted Diageo in the implementation of many significant strategic Change processes. Among other projects, we supervised the relocation of the German headquarter from Wiesbaden to Hamburg and the numerous inevitable and necessary structural changes within the company.

“The alignment and commitment created in the leadership team, the support with strategy execution, the flawless move and the well-accepted and implemented structural changes created the basis for growth rates that were above expectations. alstracon’s structured and pragmatic change management approach, their ability to understand Diageo’s business quickly and incorporate this knowledge into the execution of the change was outstanding. Their excellent professional and communicative capabilities have made this success possible.”

ChangeFor SAP, we developed a new framework for Change Management and Transformation which we introduced together with their on-site project team. We developed models supporting the business and allowing for effective Change, focussing particularly on the role the human resources division plays in change processes. We developed methods and defined how HR tasks and management can contribute in the most effective way to successful Change.

“Overall, alstracon made the difference to SAP based on its understanding of SAP’s business, and its deep expertise with regards to change management. alstracon was able to quickly connect with the various teams and team members and especially made the design team very productive in a very short time frame. Moreover, we especially appreciated alstracon’s very pragmatic approach.”

ChangeSince 2011 alstracon has assisted INFORM GmbH with a number of strategic changes. The company’s strong growth made significant changes necessary regarding staff and management levels. Starting with the strategy and current state of our client, we derived an overall concept for corporate culture and made it cognitively and emotionally clearly communicable. We repeatedly implemented Change measures applicable for the entire company as well as for single departments, and we accompanied a number of organisational realignments.

ChangeIn 2014 CITRIX EMEA decided to restructure its sales and distribution division in order to make it more agile and to significantly increase profitability. Changes ranged from new positions and responsibilities to changes in report guidelines and compensation. alstracon was in charge of planning and implementing this large-scale project. As the HR executive position for EMEA was vacant at the time, we coordinated the regional HR activities related to the Change.

HRSignificant change in the economic environment demanded that the Dräger Group adjusted their HR strategy. Many, at times barely coordinated HR initiatives were only marginally aligned with the company’s general strategy. alstracon structured the HR strategy’s development process and introduced considerably more strategic and tactical perspectives. We defined a new HR strategy aligned to the company strategy and supported its implementation.

LeadershipWe supported Diageo designing and implementing their “Leadership Quest” program. It encouraged executives to choose their own leadership “quest” – in combination with Diageo’s values and management principles. We developed the overall framework, the content of the single program elements and the approach with which executives could feel an intensive positive energy that fueled their personal growth.

LeadershipFor Inform GmbH, we developed a curriculum for systematic management development and accompanied the company-wide implementation. Based on current psychological research, we developed, implemented and evaluated a personnel development program for various levels of management, resulting in measurable and positive change in behaviour by executives and staff alike.

Book & Insights

Articles for our upcoming book
Below the Surface – the Vivid Organization:

Andreas Benkowitz

At Microsoft, I spent 15 years as HR Director. Leading a global team as Head of Organizational Development, Talent Management and Leadership Development, I helped to shape the growth of the company.

As early as the 90s, I implemented self-organized and self-controlling teams (called “agile” nowadays) that employed self-directed learning. Today, I focus my work on allowing and creating accountability, quick wins (= strong results with minimal effort) and productive and agile leadership teams.

Apart from that, I am currently fascinated by social neuroscience (especially in connection with agility), the “making” of emotions and new organizational forms. Both my family and triathlon give me the stamina needed for large, complex projects.

Dr. Frank Kuhnecke

I’ve been an organizational consultant and change coach for more than 30 years. As founder and head of a coaching academy, I trained and certified hundreds of coaches and trainers.

I’m intrigued by how people manage to build incredibly complex problems for themselves – and how easy it is to find a way out when one “simply” applies the right intervention at the right moment.

I derive the methods and energy needed for finding simple solutions to complex problems from cybernetic psychology and Kung Fu: As Grand Master and private student of Master Lo Man Kam, I am Federation President for all German Association Schools.

Fixed-Fee Workshops

Our fixed-fee workshops are aimed at decision-makers at all leadership levels: During one to two days we offer concrete analyses and solutions focused on current issues at the team, business unit or corporate level.

alstracon CHANGE1

We support you in recognizing the current need for change in all areas of the company and effectively implementing change with your own resources. This workshop is also useful to review planned change processes and can be used as a touchstone for improving ongoing processes.

alstracon LEARN1

We support you in recognizing the current need for change in all areas of the company and effectively implementing change with your own resources. This workshop is also useful to review planned change processes and can be used as a touchstone for improving ongoing processes.

Using the latest neuroscientific findings, we analyze your HR development and learning strategies, including executive development. We identify the capabilities that are needed now and in 2 to 5 years in order to maintain and increase your competitive advantage. We identify the measures needed to build these capabilities.

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Best Practice

Immediately implementable tips for change, leadership alignment and HR.


Birds of a Feather

The book about applied Leadership Alignment: Identify necessary changes and implement them as a team.

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