We need new forms of cooperation

and a completely new way of learning.

Our vision are living organizations, teams and people. They are fearless, connected with positive emotions, value relationships and have meaning.
With our neuroscientific and psychological knowledge and experience we accompany, inspire companies, teams, leaders and employees. Together we develop and shape productive, creative and lively organizations, teams and people.

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Our expertise

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  • Collaboration
    The human brain has developed for interaction with other people. We work with you to create optimal conditions for the collaboration of people, the collaboration of "human brains". This means fearless collaboration, combined with positive emotions and the creation of real relationships. And all this in direct contact as well as virtually. We use tools that create effective cooperation and transparency such as agile methods, quick feedback loops. But the most important thing is to make sure that people can get into a cooperative state.
  • Learning - Training
    The human brain is constantly learning to make better predictions. We design individual and team learning processes with you. We do this through workshops and trainings, but above all through accompanied learning on the job. A special concept is learning from each other. Learning can take place in personal contact, and virtually .
    The presentation of knowledge is not the issue. The art is to bring people into the state in which learning happens. Therefore we put a high focus on self-learning.
  • New Work
    New Work starts with a new way of thinking (mind-set), a way of thinking that focuses on growth and learning. We will work with you to develop this mindset and, above all, the resulting consequences for work structures, communication, leadership and Kollaboration. Usually the process starts with the management team, individual areas or departments and is then passed on fractally.
  • Kick Start
    In order to initiate a comprehensive change process, it often takes a starting signal and a convincing launch event. This ranges from a team event to a company-wide group event.
    We know from neuroscience that people are only receptive if their habitual expectations are broken. The willingness to see things differently is generated in shared experience - enthusiasm is not created by logic but by emotion.

    We design kick-off events that create a moment of movement and remain in the memory for a long time. This is an effective prerequisite for change.
  • Transformation

    Major changes, transformations are always about changing the way we think and act. We work with you on the implementation of digital transformations, re-organisations, cultural changes. We know which content needs to be communicated and how, how to inspire and involve people, how to reduce fears, create positive emotions and strengthen and create networks around relationships.
  • Human and organisational development for small businesses
    The development of the company, of teams and people is essential for organisations. For smaller organizations it is often economically not reasonable and feasible to approach these issues professionally with permanent staff. We put our implementation competence in this area at your disposal. With concepts, and above all with concrete work at and with you on site. This involves, for example, identifying necessary learning needs, changing ways of thinking and acting, and developing new competencies directly linked to your organization's goals.
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Our customers

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  • Business units and departments

    Business units and departments Transformations require clarity

    Transformations and change processes require a coordinated effort of different measures to be successful. Often they require significant change among employees and managers. Together with your project team, we develop the required measures, be it a purpose statement for corporate culture or the redefinition of roles and responsibilities, and make them cognitively and emotionally clearly communicable.

    Transformation research and neuroscience provide the necessary steps to ensure that change is supported by everyone.

    • Clarity

    • Meaning

    • Relationship skills

    • Fearlessness

    ... and we will help you

  • Mid-sized companies

    Mid-sized companies are different

    Medium-sized companies can adapt more quickly than large enterprises.

    At the same time, they do not have the resources to build up departments for systematic people development and learning, for organizational development and change and transformations. And they don't have to. We take on the task for you and support you in achieving best results with as little effort as possible.

    • fast results

    • next to the daily business

    • lean

    • resource-efficient

  • Startups

    Startups set the right course early

    Startups live from the enthusiasm and speed with which they develop their businesses. Sometimes steps are overlooked, the correction of which is very costly later. We accompany you and help you to steer important issues such as personnel selection, alignment of people, people development and learning and organizational structure in the right direction from the outset. We want enthusiasm, creativity and speed to be a permanent part of your company. Therefore we are at your disposal as a companion and thinking partner.

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About us

  • Contact

    +49 172 2406 189 (Dr. Frank Kuhnecke)


    a&f invest UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    Wilhelm Straße 49
    35392 Gießen
  • Team
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    Andreas Benkowitz

    Senior Consultant

    During my 15 years at Microsoft, I helped shape the growth of the company e.g. as head of human resources for Central & Eastern Europe, and as the leader of a global team as the person responsible for organizational development, talent management and leadership development.

    As early as the 1990s, I began to implement self-organized, self-directed (today: "agile") teams and self-directed learning. Today, my work focuses on enabling and creating accountability, "quick wins" (fast results with minimal effort) and productive and agile leadership teams.

    Otherwise, I am currently fascinated by the topics of social neuroscience (especially in connection with agility), the emergence of emotions and new forms of organization. And of course my family and triathlon: Both give me the necessary stamina even for very extensive projects.

    Dr. Frank Kuhnecke


    I have been an organizational consultant and change coach for more than 30 years and as the head of a coaching academy I have trained and certified hundreds of coaches and trainers. Before that, I did my doctorate and research in cybernetic psychology at university in the 90s. The knowledge that complex systems, i.e. people and organizations cannot be controlled linearly, but that the prerequisites must be created so that new process patterns can emerge, has had a lasting influence on my work. Self-organization and multistability are also effective in organizations and in the present time with its fast successive changes it is all the more necessary to apply this well-researched knowledge.

    I am always fascinated by how much creativity and self-responsibility in people is set free when the laws of neurology are followed and interaction is specifically encouraged.

    In my private life I fill up my reserves with Kung-Fu, which I have been practicing for 40 years and learned mostly in China. Here, too, one can only plan situations to a limited extent and it depends on subtleties and the right timing!

  • Reference
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    CHANGE alstracon has supported Diageo for many years in many significant strategic change processes. Among other things, we accompanied the relocation of the German headquarters from Wiesbaden to Hamburg, which was accompanied by many structural changes within the group.
    "The alignment and commitment created in the leadership team, the support with strategy execution, the flawless move and the well-accepted and implemented structural changes created the basis for growth rates that were above expectations. alstracon's structured and pragmatic change management approach, their ability to understand Diageo's business quickly and incorporate this knowledge into the execution of the change was outstanding. Their excellent professional and communicative capabilities have made this success possible.

    CHANGE Mit SAP we developed a new framework for change management and transformation and introduced it together with a project team. For this purpose we developed models that support the business and enable effective change. In doing so, we focused primarily on the role of human resources in change processes. We developed methods and defined how HR roles and responsibilities can most effectively contribute to successful change.
    "Overall, alstracon made the difference to SAP based on its understanding of SAP's business, and its deep expertise with regards to change management. alstracon was able to quickly connect with the various teams and team members and especially made the design team very productive in a very short time frame. Moreover, we especially appreciated alstracon's very pragmatic approach.

    CHANGES Since 2011 alstracon has supported INFORM GmbH in a number of strategic changes. The starting point was the strong growth of the company, which required significant changes in employees and management. We derived a mission statement for the corporate culture directly from the strategy and situation in which our client found itself and made it clearly communicable both cognitively and emotionally. On several occasions, we implemented change measures both across the company and within individual departments and supported a number of organizational realignments.

    CHANGE 2014, CITRIX EMEA decided to restructure the sales organization to make it more agile and to significantly increase profits. The changes ranged from new roles and responsibilities to changes in reporting lines and compensation. alstracon carried out the planning and implementation of this major project. As no HR manager was available for EMEA, we also coordinated the regional HR activities related to the change. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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